About Us

We, at jointsandyourhealth.com, are on a mission to spread information and reach as many patients globally as possible who are suffering from joint pain. Our website deals exclusively with joint pains, but that is where our exclusivity ends. The information we publish on our website covers all areas and topics related to joint pains, from medications and therapies to exercises and even diets that can help manage your pain and the ailment that might be causing it. We work to give you information that is taken from medical journals and studies, as well as tips and remedies, tried, tested and suggested by our patient-patrons themselves.

It is our goal to give you not only the medically prescribed treatment options but also alternatives to medication, different forms of physical therapy and even area-specific advice on dealing with joint pain.

We ensure to keep ourselves up-to-date on all advances in medical science today, to ensure that all information that reaches you is current and accurate. Members of our team are constantly reviewing information posted to ensure that any inaccuracies are immediately removed and any new developments in medical science and pain relief are made available to you in real time. We request you to keep in mind, though we started this website to help people with joint pain, we are not medical professionals. We strongly recommend if you have a persisting joint pain or intend to try a new medication, you speak to your local healthcare professional first.

All the information on our website is available to users globally and we look forward to receiving feedback from all our customers. Many of the articles published on our website have helped our users in the past. We will continue to work dedicatedly to ensuring that more people can be helped in managing and treating their joint pain, an affliction that can affect people of all races, genders, ages, and backgrounds.